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This is the first time I see an episode of this series, so I guess the review loses a few points because of that. Oh well.

My main dislike is that this series uses the Zelda universe while throwing away all things we're familiar with, and just add anime style fighting. Nothing wrong with both separately, but please don't combine them in a serious series. Why not use your own created characters and universe!

On the actual movie itself: kind of overdone drama / mystery scenes, but I guess they're ok. The voice acting was inconsistent though. I've heard Link's voice actor in several flashes now, isn't it time for him to get a better microphone by now? :P

ScootLumpDude responds:

Not a bad review but it had a couple of incorrect statements. =3 It was a nice try though.


Quite good collab, but the music was bloody annoying (couldn't you have used material from the madness music contest?) and some of the clips were pretty bad in comparison.

I've been waiting for this!

Glad to see the series didn't die. Great humor and animation. The pacing in the jokes were a bit off and the end was pretty abrupt, but those are just minor issues in this grand display of hilarity!

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Great work, but bigger than it should be

The previous Epic Battle Fantasies were nice snacks to waste a few hours, but this game is way too big to spend time on. A lot of the NPC talking / questing could've been left out. It takes way too long to get some decent action, unlike the previous instalments!

In the end, I do applaud your artwork, easter eggs, and all the work that has gone into it. Good luck with your next project!

Best flashgame ever

I'm not into long lasting flashgames.

I'm not into strategy games.

But fuck this was addicting. Kept me playing all the way!

"They told me I couldn't destroy the earth. They told me I was mad. Well now they can go fuck themselves!"

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There goes my lunch...


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Pretty neat, but pretty noisy too. Intro could've used a little more buildup. Keep up the good work and looking forward to the finished thing. :)

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NemesisTheory responds:

true! this is definitely not the real intro yet, dont worry :D annd you're totally right.. i still have to balance/EQ everything, so please excuse the nosia xD

Not really Chaoz

I'd even say it doesn't sound quite 'ParagonX9' yet, especially the DnB parts. Hope you'll add a lot more polish in the future! It could use a lot more 'noise' so to say, when you compare it to the other Chaoz compositions.

Look who's still alive

Ah, great catchy tune. Glad to see you're still around. Taking quite a time to score a new computer (do tell why! Just curious)? I hope you'll get around to producing music more! You could make a living off these skills (and highly improve the music standard in the Dutch game industry or something :P).

Well underway creating tomorrow's interactive entertainment!

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